This blog is about a healthy lifestyle, with a particular attention on the right way of eating! Living in the city is often the cause of a chronic lack of time, constant life under stress and often eating food of questionable value for the body. I want to show you the ways you can follow to feel better and healthier ­čÖé

I share not only my knowledge about nutrition, but my experience . I delve into mazes of information, research and the latest scientific reports to give you ready tips. The Internet is a mine of knowledge, but also an abyss of various theories – often contradictory with each other.

This is not only the fault of people who really want to comment on topics about which they have no clue, but also a series of changes that occur in nutrition guidelines – associated with many of the latest research.

If you do not find information on the blog that interests you, feel free to send a question. There is a possibility that thanks to you I will write about it and you will get an expert answer in the form of an article.

A nutritionist by profession and heart!